In January, 2020, Daniel experimented with Reddit ads to promote The Good Parts Of AWS.

He ran an ad in r/aws. Within 24 hours, he had sold $224 worth of product after spending $102. This was a %3 conversion rate. He paused the ads  10 days later because he stopped breaking even,

He started experimented again after the Covid-19 pandemic hit, as he’d heard that advertising rates were decreasing.

He resumed his Reddit campaign on March 30, stating that the cost-per-click was less than half what it used to be. 3 days later, he reported that he made $444 from a $115.82 ad spend. On April 7, he shared the data from the current Reddit Ad campaign.

In late April, he tweeted that he had made $3,442 in profit from reddit ads that month. On May 8th, he shared that the ads were still profitable.

The rates became competitive again around mid June. He stopped focusing on Reddit ads so he could invest his time elsewhere.

Overall, he made $16,509 in revenue from 945 sales and $9,322 in ad spend.