In 2011, Tim Ferriss announced that Amazon Publishing has acquired his latest book, The 4 Hour Chef. In early 2012, Barnes and Noble announced that it wasn’t going to stock any Amazon Publishing titles. Tim worked with marketer Ryan Holiday to create a bundle to give away for free on BitTorrent.

The bundle included more than 250 pages of material, interviews, extras, videos, and photos.

The book became a BitTorrent bestseller: it was downloaded over 300,000 times and the Amazon page received an extra 85,000 visitors. It was featured on all of the top bestseller lists.

You can learn more about the approach at Your Book Is A Start Up: Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Chef, And The BitTorrent Publishing Model. Ryan also shared more about the launch at How To Growth Hack Anything: Lessons from A “BitTorrent Best Seller.”

Ryan shared more stats from the launch in that post. It led to:

  • 2 million downloads
  • 1,261,152 page visits
  • 880,009 Amazon impressions

In 2013, he ran a different BitTorrent bundle to promote the audiobook. This led to addition exposure.

  • Over  3 million people downloaded the bundle
  • The audiobook received more than 25 million impressions inside BitTorrent
  • He got over 117K new email subscribers