Rows ran an ad on a Billboard in February, 2022. The goal was the same as the other case studies: to get attention from people talking about the billboard instead of the billboard itself.

Henrique Cruz, who is Rows Head of Growth, shared more about the campaign in a Twitter Thread.

Their advertisement hinged on their positioning as a brand closer to the consumer. They leveraged the Us vs Them narrative and created an irreverent ad. You can check out the designs here. They decided to place the ads in locations close to the headquarters of Microsoft and Google.

They sent a tweet teasing the campaign. This led to 100k impressions and 140 new followers in two days.

They booked people to go and take photos of the billboards. Unfortunately, many of these were low quality.

They edited the best photos and created a press release. After 2 days, they had features in 9+ media outlets, 300+ sign-ups and social media attention.

The whole campaign cost $1.5k. It was inspired by Pieter Levels billboard.