In June, 2021, Pieter bought a billboard in front of Apple’s headquarters. He used a service called Blip to do this for $24.46. The billboard got 1.5+ million views to Remote OK. This equalled 1.6ยข per 1,000 views.

The real value didn’t lie with the billboard itself. The tweet announcing the billboard went viral and got a lot of attention in the indie hacking community.

Pieter promoted the Tweet on Twitter. It got 311,220 extra views for $500 ($1.60 per 1,000 views.)

He bought more billboards around the U.S., including California and New York city. He later saw his billboard on a webcam of Times Square. He said this billboard cost 10x the others.

Blip later said that the campaign received an estimated 57,000 impressions with an average daily spend of $18.