Ryan Holiday published Trust Me, I’m Lying in 2012. The book shows how savvy marketers can manipulate the news cycle and distort the truth.

Ryan showed just how easy it is to manipulate the media as part of his launch campaign. He used the techniques from the book to get featured in many news reports. The catch? The information he told them was false. The case study was featured at Forbes and generated a lot of conversation in the PR world. The original article was at How This Guy Lied His Way Into MSNBC, ABC News, The New York Times and More.

The founder of HARO, Peter Shankman responded by arguing that one idiot wouldn’t ruin HARO for everyone. Holiday wrote a follow up at Dissecting Peter Shankman’s Hypocrisy.

He even lied to generate press around the book deal. He shared how easy it was to spread misinformation in Exposing the Racket: A Simple Stunt Reveals How Blogs Will Print Anything for Pageviews.