Formcake was offered as a lifetime deal on the AppSumo Marketplace in early 2021. They created a special deal just for AppSumo users: a beefed-up version of our Developer Plan – but at a lower price than the annual version.

After a month, they had earned just underĀ $1,000. This was because they hadn’t promoted it, and you need 10 reviews before AppSumo will do co-marketing.

They shared more behind-the-scenes details at Our Experience Offering an AppSumo Deal.

They posted a follow-up post in 2022 at AppSumo Part II: A Year Later. By April, 2022, they had passed the 10 review mark and had earned $3,500. Reaching the 10 review milestone only led to a small boost in traffic. They said that they experience wasn’t what they expected, but it was still an excellent deal for them.