Activechat launched on AppSumo in early 2019. They shared their launch experience at How to survive a $510,000 launch on Appsumo.

The launch led to 10x traffic to the website, however the visitors weren’t happy with the terms of the deal. This initially led to low sales.

The team increased what they were offering in response to the feedback. They ended up offering ‘unlimited bots, with unlimited conversations for those who bought the maximum of 5 deals for $245.’ Within two weeks, they had become the #1 product in AppSumos history. They had 6,000 paying users, $510’000 in sales and over a hundred 5-star reviews.

They quickly ran into issues. AppSumo users were demanding access to promised features – and very few were using the features that made Activechat stand out. Access to the lifetime deals were being sold in Facebook groups. The cash injection from AppSumo was helpful, however they weren’t the target audience.

They later realized their target audience was enterprise customers and started targeting them. They were able to increase their monthly revenue from $42 to $3,700 per paying user. This case study shows that you should definitely consider your target audience before running an AppSumo campaign.