Arvid Kahl is a force of nature in the Indie Hacker community. He has built a strong reputation as a SaaS founder, podcaster and author. He has now added course creator to his impressive resume.

In early 2022, Arvid released his first video course called Find Your Following. The course explores how Arvid uses Twitter authentically and respectfully. He shares the strategies he uses to:

  • act as a super-connector; sharing awesome ideas, products and resources
  • document his business journey
  • empower his community.

In this review, I’ll talk about:

  • the type of information Arvid covers
  • how useful I think the content is
  • how to get the most out of it

What do you get with Find Your Following?

Find Your Following contains three main resources:

  • a four hour-long video course
  • a notion database with supplementary resources
  • access to a discord community

The Video Course

Most of the value lies with the video course. Arvid shares information about:

  • adopting the right mindset for Twitter
  • setting up your profile in a way that encourages connections
  • creating high-quality content
  • using Twitter to build in public.

I could see the effort Arvid had put into making this. He explored many different topics yet consistently showed how they tied into core themes. He spoke clearly and presented complex topics in an accessible way.

However, this accessibility didn’t extend to how people consumed the content. The videos were uploaded as large files. On Gumroad, the video was uploaded as one main file. On Podia, the video was separated into the five main sections:

  • Introduction
  • The Why
  • The How
  • The What
  • What if?

This makes the information more accessible than the Gumroad video but is still overwhelming. I wanted to listen to certain sections again later and had trouble finding them. It also made it difficult to spread out the course over a long period.

I also struggled with the video format. I think the course could have been more valuable if it had:

  • Transcripts of the videos as a pdf
  • Audio-recordings

The videos are great value when it comes to the content shared. I’d recommend being mindful about the sheer amount of information to make sure you absorb more of Arvids tips.

Additional Resources

Buyers also get access to a Notion database that supplements the videos. This database includes links, lists, spreadsheets, templates, and checklists. Part of me would have liked more information and guidance in this section. The video course covered a lot of information, and it can be easy to forget how the information connects with the task.

You also get access to a Discord community. I believe this community has a lot of potential; it alone could almost be worth the cost of the course.

The tasks and exercises are interconnected; you won’t get as much out of it if you just consume the content. You need to take action. The tasks are relatively simple and relate to the content. They are even helpful for people who have been using Twitter for a while.

Find Your Following is like two courses in one

Arvid describes Find Your Following as a course that teaches you how to grow an authentic Twitter presence with intentional relationships. It does do that – but it is also a course about using Twitter to build in public.

This is awesome. Arvid shared the techniques and strategies that he had both experienced and observed. It felt like I could see the inside of his brain and how he perceived various Twitter techniques. I got a lot of ideas.

I also found it to be overwhelming. Arvid covered so many ideas that it felt that some weren’t covered in enough detail. For instance, he provided a comprehensive overview of how to set up your Twitter profile in a way that encourages people to engage. Later, it felt like he rushed through information on creating Twitter content such as polls and threads. He briefly spoke about how to use Twitter to validate ideas. This content is incredibly valuable but didn’t seem to fit the ‘intentional relationship’ ethos.

I finished the course wishing that he had gone into more detail on certain sections. I would have preferred it if Arvid split the content into two separate courses. However, I’m not a typical student. My Twitter experience – and the work I’ve been doing researching building in public – meant that I knew a lot of the information. Newer Twitter users may have a different experience.

Some of the content may be too basic for existing users

I have been on Twitter for over ten years, so I have a solid understanding of the tips and strategies that can help a person get more followers. Many in the indie community have a similar knowledge base.

Much of the advice is repetitive for people like myself, such as setting up a profile. I found myself nodding along, knowing that I had already implemented that strategy.

The course was still valuable. Most buyers would get tips and strategies that would help them improve their Twitter presence. However, established Twitter users wouldn’t learn as much from the course as new Twitter users.

Everyone can learn something

Arvid has extensive experience in building a Twitter audience. However, the recommended strategies go beyond audience building. Arvid advises how to support and empower your community authentically. He:

  • emphasizes the importance of consistency. Many people overlook this when starting 
  • focuses on ways to add value to your community
  • points out the flaws of any strategy. Those insights are gold.

You aren’t just getting a bunch of strategies. You are getting access to the thought processes of someone who has a lot of experience on Twitter. This is what I found most valuable. Off-hand comments – that many would overlook – made me pause the video and reconsider how I perceived something. An example is when Arvid recommended that you use different strategies in your Twitter bio at different points in your journey.

It helped me re-evaluate how I use Twitter. It was quite humbling.

Who should buy it?

Those who have little experience on Twitter are the ones who will get the most of this course. They will get a plethora of ideas and strategies that will change how they perceive and use Twitter.

I believe that established Twitter users, such as myself, would find the course valuable. You won’t have the same experience but would learn enough to justify the course price.

I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to build or improve their personal brand as an indie hacker on Twitter.

Buy Find Your Following