Ask Yourself: Do I need to launch now?

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Supporting Launch Material

This is content that is designed to support the Product Hunt launch on the day, but can be created in advance.

It doesn’t need to be tied to the Product Hunt launch – you can use these as a promotional method by themselves.

Viral blog post:

Andrey Azimov did this with I learned to code, build a web app and launch it on Product Hunt in 2 months

In a later post, he acknowledged that part of this success was due to a compelling story.

People like to read stories that are similar to movies, where there is a problem, a goal, overcoming of an obstacle and a happy ending.

Viral thread

Diana Allen created a Twitter thread about how to save money on food to help promote her Product Hunt launch. She later said that the engagement from the Twitter thread far exceeded that of the PH launch

Countdown on social media

Kyle Gawley did this to promote Firelab. It can burn out your audience if they aren’t tech savvy.

Launch Discounts

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On Launch Day

Update Your Twitter Profile To Point To Your Page

Look at the below example by Peter Suhm

Create An Announcement Twitter Thread

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Create Twitter Graphics For Launch Milestones

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Update your milestones on social media

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After The Launch

Create a Twitter Thread

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