Toolkit for Atomic Habits: Gumroad Day

Ayush Chaturvedi ran a promotion for Toolkit for Atomic Habits on Gumroad Day. He sold the bundle for $1 instead of the normal 15.

He shared an overview of his sales at Indie Hackers. He made $137 from 87 sales. This included 8 people who paid extra.

Better Letters: Gumroad Day

For Gumroad Day, 2021, Andrew did an experiment. He created 10 single use coupon codes for Better Letters. There were 10 codes available which allowed the buyer to get been 90% and 99% off.

It was so popular that he created a discount code for every percentage point off till 1%.

He ended up doing as much sales as he’d done in the past 3 months. He sold 120 products and earned $1048.74 in sales and described it as the best day on Gumroad ever.

Xavier Coiffard: Gumroad Day

Xavier offered his products at 50% off for Gumroad Day.

He made his first sale within 90 minutes. After 3 1/2 hours, he made his fifth sale. After 6 1/2 hours, he had 10th sale of the day. At this point, he described the day as his best day ever.

He made 20 sales and over $500 from the sale.

Jim Raptis: Gumroad Day

For Gumroad Day, Jim priced all of his Gumroad products at $9. He made 87 sales and earned $658 in revenue.

In his newsletter, he shared what he had learned about setting a very low price:

  1. Many people from low income countries will have the opportunity to buy your product, which is a wonderful feeling.
  2. This practice is more effective for people with large audiences (10k+).
  3. Promote your product extensively (and smart) during the sales day.
  4. A discount between 50-70% might be more effective for people with smaller audiences like me.

Swipe: Gumroad Day

Gene offered his Swipe products at 50% off for Gumroad Day in 2021. He ended up earning $894.

He forgot to disable the discount for the custom teardown option for Swipe.

Zero To Sold: Gumroad Day

Arvid Kahl slashed the price of Zero to Sold to $5 for 24 hours as part of Gumroad Day.

Within 20 minutes, he was selling three copies per minute. After three hours, he’d made 124 sales.

Within 12 hours, he had sold over 400 copies. By the end of the promotion, he had sold 655 copies and earned $3418.82 . He also had an increase in blog visitors.