Unicorn platform

Alexander launched a lifetime deal for Unicorn Platform in August, 2018. He offered 50 exclusive licence access keys that would give person lifetime pro access. He did this because he needed funds to speed up the building process.

Within 2 months, 2/3 of the deals were gone. He ultimately earned $9000 from the deal. Part of this success was due to a Facebook group.

He shared more about his experience at The Lifetime Deal Round Success: $9000 Raised. The post has a chart showing when people purchased the deal.


Gabe Ragland ran a special promotion for $49  in 2020. He combined a feature launch with a promotion offering lifetime access to Divjoy for $49. This was less than the usual yearly price.

He shared more about the strategies he used at How I made $10,041 by combining a feature launch with a lifetime deal.

He first promoted the deal on Twitter and started getting immediate traction. Part of this was due to his engaged audience, but a lot of the success can be attributed to a viral Twitter thread. The thread was viewed 127,384 times.

I recommend reading the case study. Gabe shares the strategies that worked and how he could have improved the promotion.

Llama Life

Marie originally offered a lifetime deal for Llama Life customers. People could get lifetime access for $29.99.

In May, 2021, Marie announced that she would stop offering the lifetime deal. She said that the product has ‘grown’ enough, so it was time to switch to a longer term pricing strategy. Within 22 hours, 94 people had purchased and she had made $AUD 3380. After 24 hours, she had 113 new paid customers and had made AUD$4,074.

She later said that not everyone who gets the lifetime deal will continue using it. The inactive customers offset/balance out the ones that do use it. She also advised against assuming that lots of lifetime deal sales equals product market fit. Some people just bought the deal because they didn’t want to miss out.


Fed made over $50k in 2 months by offering a lifetime deal for GummySearch. He priced the deal at 10x the monthly subscription price. He promoted the deal by contacting those who had asked for one, emailing trial users, leveraging his Twitter audience and participating in Facebook communities.

He shared what he learned at How I raised $50k from 234 customers via LTD sale. He also repurposed that post as a Twitter thread.