You Need A Wiki launched on Product Hunt in January, 2019.

Within an hour, the launch had over 200 upvotes – and had comments that people couldn’t log into the website. Within 2 1/2 hours, it reached 300 upvotes. After 7 hours, it had 400 upvotes. It finished at #1 product of the day.

The success continued after the launch day. The day after, it hit 600 upvotes. 2 days later, it hit 800 upvotes. It hit 900 60 hours after original launch. He shared more stats in Indie Hackers. He got:

  • 969 signups
  • 8,934 unique visitors and 22,350 pageviews in 7 days
  • 3,030 uniques and 5,553 pageviews on launch day

View the launch on Product Hunt

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