WooMetrics launched on Product Hunt in July, 2021. Mark provided launch updates throughout the day. After 2 hours, it was in 7th position with 13 votes. After 5 1/2 hours, it was in 6th place with 29 upvotes. WooMetrics also had its first user sign up. After 7 hours, it was in 5th position with 37 upvotes. At the 9 hour mark, it had 47 upvotes. After 12 hours, it was in #6 place with 55 upvotes. WooMetrics finished in 7th place with 95 upvotes. It also had 275 website visits and 3 signups.

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WooMetrics lets you see your valuable WooCommerce sales data in a simple, easy to use interface. Review your latest orders, sales data and best sellers as well as weekly, monthly & year-to-date comparisons and insights.