The UserGuiding team launched a new version of their product on April 16, 2019. They became the #1 Product of the Day and Week. And at the end of the year, UserGuiding was 22nd on the list of the most loved products of 2019. They shared more about their launch at How to have a great launch on Product Hunt and become the #1 product of the week. This article shares the details of their PH launch. It includes preparation, the launch day, and the results with actual numbers from our Product Hunt launch. Some of their launch stats:

  • They got 8677 visitors from Product Hunt
  • They got 890 new sign ups
  • 94 took a product demo

View the launch at Product Hunt

UserGuiding helps you increase user adoption with product tours that don’t require any coding, allowing you to prompt the right in-app experience, to the right persona, at the right stage of their user journey.