Traverse launched on Product Hunt in May, 2021. After 75 minutes, it was in 10th position with 14 votes. 95 minutes into the launch, it was in seventh position with 26 votes. After 3 hours, it hit the #1 spot with 63 votes. It reached 100 votes just 40 minutes later. Traverse sold their first yearly plan 6 hours into the launch. It also had 179 new signups. Dom Zijlstra also experienced success on Twitter. After 10 hours, his tweets had gotten over 100k new impressions and he had gotten over 100 followers. At the 8 hour mark, it had dropped to second place. After 13 hours, it was in fifth position with 290 votes. Traverse finished as #5 Product of the Day with 384 votes. The website had 1387 new visitors and 421 signups. Traverse also sold two yearly and 2 monthly premium plans. It also made it into the weekly newsletter.

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