Stackprint launched on Product Hunt in December, 2020. It finished at 15th place with 187 upvotes.

Sven Frese posted regular updates on Twitter.

  • After 6 hours, Stackprint had 53 upvotes, 197 unique visitors and 15 new signups.
  • After 9 hours, it had 97 upvotes, 315 unique visitors and 23 new signups.
  • After 12 hours, Stackprint had 116 upvotes and 523 unique visitors. It also got 37 new signups.
  • By the end of the day, it was in 15th place with 187 upvotes. Stackprint has 904 unique visitors and 71 new signups.

After the launch, the userbase had gradually grown by 1-5 users per day.

View the launch on Product Hunt

Stackprint is a web platform to build REST APIs fast without having to write any code yourself.