Jesse Sutherland posted about the launch on Twitter. Towards the end of the launch, was in 6th place with 200 upvotes. He made $58 in sales.

It ended up in 5th place with 382 upvotes. Jesse shared more stats the next day:

  • The website got 1,024 Unique Visitors
  • 400+ signatures were created and 114 signatures saved
  • He made $77 in sales

He wrote a follow up post at Indie Hackers called $1,600 Last Month. Gaining Traction! At that point, his upvotes had grown to 733. He said that the traffic lasted longer than he thought, but still slowed down. It also led to a temporary rise in his search engine rankings.

View the launch on Product Hunt

A powerful visual drag and drop editor for email signatures paired with the easiest way to maintain consistency for your whole team.