Marko launched Plausible on Product Hunt in August, 2020. The Plausible team didn’t use many of the recommended strategies. They didn’t:

  • have a famous hunter
  • use videos or gifs
  • tell anyone about the launch beforehand.

Within 4 hours, they had 399 unique visitors and 8 trial signup. After 12 hours, Plausible had 885 unique visitors and 13 trial signups. It became the #2 Product of the Day with 601 votes. The website also had 1,490 unique visitors and 22 trial signups. Marko wrote an analysis of the launch at How not to launch on Product Hunt (and lessons from our successful launch.) He shared some additional statistics. After a week, Plausible had 2,560 unique visitors. The bounce rate was 44%, with visitors staying on the website for 1 minute and 44 seconds (average.) They had 36 trial signups.

The post also included a comparison of referral sources.

View the launch on Product Hunt

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