Pattern Collect launched on Product Hunt in July, 2021. Within 18 minutes, it was in second place. After 5 hours, it was #1 Product of the Day.

At the half way point, it was still #1 Product of the Day with 161 votes. After the weekend, it had 441 upvotes. The website had over 3.5k pageviews.

He posted a tweet about strategies that contributed to his success. He:

  • Launched on a Sunday (6am) to increase his chances
  • Had engaging visuals
  • Emailed his PC mail list of 600 people to ask for a vote in the morning
  • Multiple shouts on twitter throughout the day
  • Followed up with comments on PH straight away.

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Pattern Collect is a curated gallery of inspiring patterns & illustrations curated with love and organised in over 40 categories to make hunting for inspiration easy for creatives.