Ryan Doyle launched Magic Sales Bot on Product Hunt in January, 2021. He created a Twitter thread sharing everything he was doing for the PH launch.

It became #1 Product of the Day. Magic Sales Bot also got 3,100 views, 400 signups, and 9 new customers.

Ryan shared frequent updates during the launch. After 30 minutes, he had 7 upvotes. He had 19 upvotes after an hour. 90 mins in, he noticed he wasn’t on the front page despite having 27 upvotes. This was more than some that were being featured.

2 hours: 4th position with 36 upvotes. Shortly after, he was in third place. At that point, the website had 90 unique visitors, which was 4 times the daily average.

After 3 1/2 hours, the first launch day customer had paid. He had 69 votes at the four hour point. After 5 hours, he was #3 on Product Hunt and had 100 concurrent users on the site. He rose to #1 shortly after.

He had 9 customers after 6 hours. At the 20 hour mark, he hit 10 sign ups. In February, he made it into the Product Hunt newsletter and crossed 1k users.

Ryan shared more about the launch at Getting Access to GPT-3, Finding My first 10 customers.

View the launch on Product Hunt

Create tailored B2B sales emails with a click. Magic Sales Bot uses GPT-3 to create high-converting emails to send to your prospects, allowing you to prospect 10x faster.