Marie launched Llama Life on Product Hunt in March, 2021. It was her first launch as a solo maker. 

After 2 hours, the product made it to the front page.

The website was down for four hours during the launch while Marie was asleep. She was still in #6 position, but estimated she lost 50-60 votes.

At the 16 hour mark, Llama life was still in 6th position with 140 votes.

She finished in 6th position with 186 votes and 47 comments. It led to 140 new sign ups and 3 immediate purchases.

View the launch on Product Hunt

Llama is designed to increase your focus, so you can get through tasks with greater speed and efficiency. Unlike traditional task managers, Llama changes the way you think about time, so you’re not just making lists, you’re completing them.