lemstash launched on Product Hunt in May, 2021. 10 hours later, it was #2 on Product Hunt with almost 500 likes. It finished the day with 1k+ upvotes, 40k+ page views and 1k+ email subscribers.

It became #2 Product of the Day, #4 Product of the Week and #4 Product of the month. By the end of May, lemstash had 1100+ upvotes, 10k website sessions and 2k email subscribers.

Ilya Azovtsev shared more about the launch at 40k pageviews in 1 month with $0 on ads with a new project.

View the launch at Product Hunt

lemstash is a curated directory of 250+ handpicked tools and guides that will help you in building and growing your startup. The guides are filtered by AARRR funnel and tools by categories so you can pick the best content specifically for your need.