GitHub Gardener launched on Product Hunt in May, 2018. It was Alex Wests second Product Hunt launch.

After 15 hours, the product had nearly 100 upvotes. It also had 500 users. This included 47 that had signed up and 2 that asked to be notified about the paid plan. After 16 hours, it had 150 upvotes.

He posted an update the next day. GitHub Gardener had 1.8k users, 133 signups and 5 people interested in the paid offer.

He posted another update two days after launching. Overall, he had:

  • 3.3K users
  • 3.5K sessions
  • 240 signed up users
  • 7 people who clicked the premium version AND left their email

View the launch on Product Hunt

GitHub Gardener is a tool that makes automated commits daily that magically turn your GitHub contributions green. The product is no longer available