Firelab launched on Product Hunt in July, 2021. Firelab got 5 new signups in the first hour and its founder, Kyle Gawley, got 20 new Twitter followers.

After 3 1/2 hours, it was #7 with 224 unique visitors. Within 20 minutes, it hit the #6 position with 100 votes. It reached the #5 position shortly after. At the 6 hour mark, it was the #4 Product of the Day

After 8 hours, it was in #4 position with 172 votes. The website had 456 unique visitors and 20 customer trials had been started. It sunk to #6th position not long after.

At the 18 hour mark, it was at #7 with 244 upvotes. After 21 hours, it was still in 7th position with 256 votes.

It finished at #7 with 271 votes. The website got 780 unique visitors and the service got 30 trials. Firelab was also featured in the Product Hunt newsletter.

Kyle wrote more about the launch at How Firelab Made the Front Page Of Product Hunt.

View the launch on Product Hunt

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