Famous Outfits launched on Product Hunt in August, 2014. It quickly went viral and became the #1 Product of the Day. One of the founders, Jad Limcaco, wrote a case study about the launch at An Overnight Success — How Product Hunt + Hacker News fueled 300k views in 30 days. By the days end, it finished with 100 upvotes and 27 comments. Part of the success was due to creating content targeted at the Product Hunt community. They created a ‘Product Hunt Edition’, where they created famous outfits based on founders. One of the first outfits was based on Ryan Hoovers wardrobe. This generated a lot of positive attention.

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Famous Outfits shows you how the best dressed men in television, movies, sports, and pop culture get their great wardrobe. Find the same style as today’s most fashionable stars with the simple click of a button.