Michele launched Deploy Empathy on Product Hunt in August, 2021. Initially, it didn’t show up in search or the homepage. Peers guessed that this could be due to shadow banning. This was fixed within a couple of hours.

It quickly hit the #4 position. Within 30 minutes, it rose to 3rd place with 60 upvotes. 30 minutes after that it hit 2nd place with 84 upvotes. It reached 100 upvotes within 6 hours and became #1 Product of the Day. Michele said “It’s fun to see so many familiar faces in that right sidebar.”

She shared the Product of the Day milestone – and asked for extra support – 14 hours after launch.

It was still #1 and had 352 upvotes when she woke up the next day. She ended the day at #1. She was also featured in the weekly newsletter. She sold 19 books on launch day and 29 in the following week

She shared what she had learned in a comprehensive Twitter thread.

View the launch on Product Hunt

Deploy Empathy will help you learn the skill of talking to your customers so that you can pull out their hidden needs, desires, and processes.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to interview customers and potential customers with confidence.