Alpe Audio launched on Product Hunt in April, 2021. After 12 hours, it had 229 upvotes. It became the #1 Product of the Day. This led to:

  • 10,000+ eyeballs across website + social.
  • 300 app downloads
  • 20 new subscribers

Yehoshua Zlotogorski shared an audio on Racket going behind the scenes of the launch. The team spent over 70 hours preparing for the launch. They shared more about the experiences – and the resources that helped them – at Is launching on Product Hunt worth it and how to do it.

View the launch on Product Hunt

Alpe Audio is a new kind of audio platform. Learning is a lifelong endeavor of discovery, curiosity, self, and career improvement. But in today’s on-the-go lifestyle, there’s no educational content for “on-the-go”: the only time we have to absorb new content.