Nick Berns launched Hairstyle AI in November, 2022. He challenged himself to build and launch an MVP in 24 hours after being inspired by Danny Postma and Pieter Levels. He initially charged $5 to validate purchases.


He made 23 sales within 16 hours of launching. It was validated. After 2 days, he’d passed 37 customers.

He reached 50 customers 6 days after launching.


He got early feedback from people requesting bald hairstyles.

He did have some issues when training photos the training photos weren’t suitable. In those cases, he asked the buyer to re-submit photos. He also added more photo upload fields to increase the input variety.

Nick tweeted that he was becoming knowledgeable in 392 different hairstyles.

New Hairstyles

Nick shared when he added new hairstyles. Examples include:

Increasing Conversions

At one point, the initiated vs. completed order ratio was 10%. He simplified the order flow.

He added social proof from on November 8.

Added more details to upload instructions to make the process clearer