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Many of those who launched on Product Hunt followed the strategies that had worked for previous Hunters. The only problem? The platform is constantly evolving. As a result, a lot of people recommended going straight to the source when it came to launch tips.

How to Launch on Product Hunt was recommended by dozens of people. This comprehensive post gives you advice on:

  • How to launch (a checklist)
  • Tactics to avoid
  • Pre-launch
  • The hunting process
  • Marketing your launch

The Launch Checklist

The Launch Checklist is an airtable database that has over 80 actionable tips to help you launch like a pro on Product Hunt.

This will save you a lot of time. Trust me – I went through hundreds of launches to create this website.

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Preview Hunt

Preview Hunt can generate a convenient Launch Kit for you that will include cropped images, all the information you provided and a detailed launch guide.

You can also create a preview page that will look exactly like Product Hunt’s page that you can use to validate Twitter cards, share with your team

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Upvote Bell

Upvote Bell is a dashboard and analytics tool for your product hunt launches. You can get realtime board for your Product Hunt launches, and receive notifications about new upvotes, comments and reviews.

Launch board & analytics for your Product Hunt project.

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