Luc is a Notion enthusiast, freelance software engineer turned no-code developer. He is a brilliant curator and frequently shares his learnings about no-code, Notion and freelancing.

Peter Askew builds businesses based on interesting domain names. He buys descriptive one or two word .com’s that address a pain point or market need.

Brent is best known for founding the Code-Free Startup, where over 10000 non-technical founders have learned how to build apps without needing a computer science degree.

Danny Postma is a conversion rate specialist, full stack developer and conversion designer from The Netherlands.

Andrew Kamphey is the founder of Better Sheets and has created multiple products using Google Sheets. He used to run Influence Weekly.

Kieran is a serial creator. He builds businesses and side projects without code.

Kenneth creates resources to help other developers. He has created products to help people learn more about tools such as Python and Vim. He also created an app to help developers create and sell courses.

Dianna is the founder of Terra, an artisan candle shop. The business has become a huge success. She previously founded Budget Meal Planner.

Mubashar “Mubs” Iqbal is a serial maker. He has designed, developed and launched multiple products in niches related to cryptocurrency, movies and podcasts. He is the co-founder of FounderPath and was the 2016 Product Hunt Maker Of The Year.

Pete is an indie maker and advocate of the no-code movement. He writes about his experience building at online business at

Rosie Sherry is a community builder, indie hacker, founder and unschooling mother. She is fascinated by the world of community, marketing, ethical business, unschooling and technology/software testing. She is currently the community manager for Indie Hackers.

Ali Abdaal doctor, YouTuber and podcaster. A lot of his earlier videos focused on his life as a doctor. He later started exploring the strategies and tools that help people live happier, healthier, more productive lives. He has developed a strong brand around Youtube and entrepreneurship.

Seth Kramer is an entrepreneur living in Washington DC. He is interested in technology, online education and the digital economy. He is best known for the resources he is creating for the no-code community.

Steph is a growth marketer, writer, and indie maker. She regularly blogs about remote work, continuous improvement, women in tech, and learning to code. She started learning to code in Feb 2018 and has built several projects that support women in tech.

Sharath is a creative that embodies the no-code philosophy. He is very community focused and shares the bulk on his insights at his Twitter account.

Ryan Hoover is the founder of Product Hunt. He has authored over 150 posts, both at his blog and at industry publications. He is passionate about startups, product design, and personal growth.

Pierre de Wulf is an indie hacker and bootstrapper. He has founded multiple SaaS businesses and is publicly documenting the journey. His main focus is the web-scraping API ScrapingBee.

KP is a prolific creator that is active in the no-code and build-in-public communities. He likes to build communities and curated resources. He shares what he has learned via Twitter, his blog and his newsletter.

Marie Poulin is a self-employed interactive designer and digital strategist. She is the host of Notion Office Hours, creator of Run Your Learning Launch, Digital Strategy School, and co-founded Oki Doki with her husband.

Pat Flynn is a beloved thought leader in the areas of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle businesses. He is routinely celebrated for his transparent leadership style and authentic principles.

Pat Walls is the founder of Starter Story and Pigeon for Gmail. He also launched The 24 Hour Startup Challenge. He blogs at about his journey

Mariam Hakobyan is the founder of Softr. She is working to build the future of nocode.

Daniel worked at Amazon for 8 years before leaving to focus on his own projects. He is exploring multiple areas of entrepreneurship include infoproduct creation and a computer software business. He has had a lot of success in digital product sales in a short period time.

Arvid is a software engineer turned entrepreneur. He co-founded, ran, and sold The EdTech SaaS FeedbackPanda after bootstrapping the company for just two years. In 2019, he launched The Bootstrapped Founder

Jon Yongfook is an author, entrepreneur and digital nomad. He has founded and sold multiple successful businness. His current focus is Bannerbear.

Adam Wathan is a full-stack developer and entrepreneur. He shares everything he knows about making awesome software through articles, talks, screencasts, podcast, and courses.

Alexis Grant explores the intersection of content and business. In 2010, she founded the content marketing agency Socialexis. In 2015, the business was acquired by Taylor Media, the brand behind The Penny Hoarder, and she became the EVP of content. She is currently working on the media brand They Got Acquired.

Ben Collins is a freelance data analyst/developer/visualizer. He writes write about working with data, with a particular focus on how-to articles for learning data analytics and building dashboards, using Google Sheets, Apps Script and Data Studio.

Since 2017, he has released six online courses teaching professional spreadsheet techniques.

Janel Loi is a maker and marketer. She is an advocate of the build in public philosophy and is very active on Twitter. She loves exploring the intersection of business and tech.

Zoe works at the intersection of technology and products. She documents how she build products to solve business and productivity problems.

Li Jin is the founder and Managing Partner at Atelier, an early-stage VC firm. Her work explores consumer trends, internet culture, and new consumer-facing platforms. She is a strong advocate of The Passion Economy. 

Monica is a software developer and maker. In 2019, she left her job at a high-growth startup in Berlin to pursue building her own products full-time.

Dan is a web developer and designer. He runs multiple SaaS products, with a strong focus on the Ghost Platform.