Only Sheets

Andrew launched Only Sheets in late January, 2021. He launched it on Product Hunt in early February and it became the #3 Product Of The Day.

200 people had used the product by mid March.

In January, 2022, he announced that he had made $1k from the product.

100 Twitter Templates

100 Twitter Starters is a google sheet with 100 words, phrases, to get you started writing on twitter.

Andrew launched the sheet in June, 2021. Within a day, he had made $10 of revenue. This was because Better Sheet member got for free and he provided a discount code for %90 off.

Visit the website

Startup Gifs

In November, 2019, Harry Dry launched Startup Gifs. Startup Gifs was a collection of gifs to brighten up your startups Slack channel. He created it to draw attention to Marketing Examples in a creative way.

He announced the launch at Indie Hackers

How To Say No

The project took about 36 hours from idea to launch. The end result was about 35k visitors to the project in 24 hours, about 200 signups to Pigeon, and 3 paying customers. He shared more about the experience at Side Project Marketing in 36 Hours (35K Visitors)

Shh Noise

Marie announced the website in November, 2021. This included launching it on Product Hunt.

Within 36 hours, it had sent 177 visitors to Llama Life. This was %58 of web traffic. After 2 days, the website had 1640 unique visitors and 226 visitors to Llama Life. It also was #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Shhh Noise was a finalist in the Golden Kitty Awards in the audio & voice category. Marie also won a Product Hunt Maker Grant for the project.

Fidget Spinner

In August, 2021, Marie created an online fidget spinner as a weekend project. The project turned into a quest to make the most realistic, satisfying virtual fidget spinner.

She officially launched the spinner on August 10.

Within 24 hours, it had been spun 15,000 times. The next day, she added an extra bonus. If you spun it a few times, a llama would appear on the side of the page.

Within a week, it was driving almost 30% of the website traffic to Llama Life.

After 16 days, it had been spun 32,000 times. It was also the #1 driver of traffic to Llama Life.

She shared more about creating the page at

SuperSEO Tips

Roberto Robles launched SuperSEO Tips in November, 2021. After 24 hours, the website had 134 unique visitors. 789 SEO tips were shown.

He shared the numbers from the week following the launch;

  • 2.9k unique visitors
  • 18.4k tips shown
  • 6+ tips per user
  • 247 unique visits to
  • 24 KatLinks trials
  • 12 newsletter subs

Most of the traffic came from Indie Hackers and Twitter.

Less than three weeks later, Roberto reported that the website had driven more traffic and trial signups to KatLinks than all paid marketing channels combined.

Bu the end of the year, over 23,600 tips had been shown. It drove more than 30 trials for KatLinks and 80+ newsletter subscribers.

100 Mesh Gradients

Gene launched the project in July, 2021.

He promoted the gradients on Product Hunt. It became #3 Product of the Day and he made $34 from the launch, You can read more about the launch here.

It hit the 1000 download milestone within a week of launching.

By August, 100 Mesh Gradients was on the first page of Google. The resource had collected over 1600 emails. He also said that the mesh gradients were driving a large portion of traffic to SaaS blocks.

In mid September, he noticed that the website was ranking #3 for the term mesh gradients.

In May, 2022, Gene reported that the design file has been duplicated 7.7k times.