Cory Zue Open Project Dashboard

Open Project Dashboard is a page on Cory’s website that is documenting his path to financial independence.

It provides a general overview of profits and efforts over a period of time, along with his effective hourly rate. He provides an overall overview of profits and efforts, charting the changes each quarter. He also shows the changes each year.

He has separate charts for specific projects.

Check out the dashboard

Kevon Cheung Open Dashboard

Kevon Cheung has shared his online business metrics since he started in November, 2020. He has a simple open dashboard that shares his revenue, expenses and net profit.

He also shared behind-the-scenes details about creating the dashboard:

  • He used Chart JS to create the dashboardMaking the open P&L chart look prettier

  • Steph Smith: Open Report

    View the open page

    Steph Smith created the page in 2019. She had decided to openly share her goals and created a page to share her progress. She later automated most of the page to pull stats directly.

    The page contains:

    • Tweets curating her goals for each year at the top of the page.
    • A table showing her revenue since the start of 2019
    • Sections for each year.

    The sections for each year share:

    • Whether she hit her specific goals
    • The books she read
    • The courses she took
    • Her main projects
    • A chart showing her exercise patterns
    • Podcasts