In 2021, MAKE Book passed $250,000 in sales. To celebrate, Pieter Levels created a gold edition, which was tradable as an NFT.

The NFT included a digitally signed copy and a monthly video call for 12 months. The call would be tradeable if somebody else bought the NFT. Bids start at 1 ETH

5 days later, it hadn’t sold. It sold in April for 1.5 ETH.

View it on OpenSea

Bootstrapped Founder Collection

The Bootstrapped Founder Collection is an NFT project by Arvid Kahl. It was a web3 experiment that merges visual art with non-fiction writing.

Arvid found the ten most highlighted parts of his first book, Zero to Sold, and wrote them out, by hand, on a piece of paper. He then digitized those manuscript fragments, turned them into appealing visuals, and released them as NFTs on OpenSea.

You can check out the collection at OpenSea.

Arvid officially launched the collection in October, 2021. He quickly got two bids – however discovered that the mining fees meant that he was likely to lose money. He unlisted them from the Ethereum Chain and re-listed them on the Polygon chain.

He only sold one out of the ten NFTs.

He wrote more about the experience at How I (Fortunately) Failed to Launch an NFT Collection.

Build In Public NFT

In 2021, KP collaborated with Waldo Broodrÿk to create an NFT artwork for his birthday.

According to the description,

This is an artistic piece on the theme of building in public inspired by Jellyfish, the magnificent sea creatures that glow in the dark. The opaque rooms represent building in stealth; the translucent rooms are somewhat open but still within silos, whereas the open layout represents building in public. This is a tribute to all the creators and founders who like to build in the open and co-create with their audience.

It sold for old for 0.1358 ETH. The proceeds went to Afghan aid.