Gene Maryushenko: Hacker News

In late 2020, Gene shared From an Airtable to $9.2k in Side Income on Hacker news. It was on the front page within 20 minutes. He wrote a short post on Indie Hackers with tips for sharing on Hacker News.

The post led 9,238 pageviews, 17 subscribers and $500 in sales for Swipe.

Monica Lent: Hacker News

In 2019, Monica Lent shared a post titled 7 Absolute Truths I Unlearned as Junior Developer. It ended up being #1 on Hacker News. She shared her Google Analytics stats from that bump the next day.

In November, 2020, somebody submitted her post about her paid community launch to Hacker News. It was on the front page for a long term and led to criticism. Her newsletter also grew by 200 people and she got 500+ new Twitter followers. She posted about the experience at Indie Hackers.

Arvid Kahl: Hacker News

In 2020, Arvid Kahl wrote a post about how he self published his first book at How I Self-Published Zero to Sold, a Bestselling Book on Bootstrapping. He then shared that post on Hacker News. The post hit #2 and led to a bump in traffic.

In June, 2021, his post Selfish vs. Selfless: Self-Promotion in Communities was featured on the Hacker News front page. He shared an image of the traffic increase.