Remote OK Short Link

Pieter bought the domain for $8,141 in February, 2022. He used the domain to create an upset where he could create short links for $49 per link.

Within 5 days, he had sold 21 short links and earned $1500 in revenue. In March, he reported that he was selling 125 short links each month and earning $12,375 in extra revenue. This was an extra 10% of revenue.

He also added QR code to the upsell.

Testimonial: Typo Domain

In 2022, Damon Chen spent $35’000 on the domain. Testimonial had recently been featured in a viral Twitter thread – only the thread writer linked to the wrong domain. The current domain for Testimonial is

Damon figured that he only needed six customers to justify the domain cost. He shared more about his thought process at I Just Spent $35,000 on a Domain. Here is Why! He used Rewardful to track conversions.

He got his first conversion in mid July. He had five new customers within a month. He reached the 6 customer goal by August.

He has several other typo domains. He has noticed conversions from those domains. Redirection

Peter Askew noticed that people used to refer to as He acquired the domain for $5k when Covid hit.

In 2022, he reported that the domain sent over 4k visits per year.