The 4 Hour Chef Book Trailer

Tim Ferriss created four different trailers to promote The 4 Hour Chef. They were announced at the same time as the book website. Tim shared the trailers on his blog.

Within 6 months, it had become most-viewed non-fiction book trailer of all time with 1.5 million views. Tim shared more about the video at How to Create a Viral Book Trailer (or Get 1,000,000 Views for Almost Anything.)

The 4-Hour Body: Book Trailer

In 2010, Tim Ferriss launched The 4-Hour Body. The credited the trailer for the book as one of the key parts of the launch, and the reason The 4-Hour Body went from near #150 to #30 on Amazon. It later reached #1.

He shared more about creating the trailer at Behind the Scenes: How to Make a Movie Trailer for Your Product (or Book). The post features an interview with Adam Patch, who directed and edited the trailer. It also discusses issues with music licencing.