In 2022, Kevon launched a guide about how to build your Twitter presence.

He wrote the book in public; sharing the entire journey on Twitter. He curated the updates at Testimonial.

He started work on the guide in September, 2021. At that point, it was called Showing Up Right. He got feedback on the initial concept by creating a descriptive table of contents. He did live calls with 10 people to review the contents.

He put the project on pause for four months so he could focus on his Build In Public Mastery course. He started working on the project again in January, 2022.

He sent out the first draft of the book in February. He got quality feedback from his beta readers within 24 hours.

He changed the book title to Find Joy in Chaos at the end of April. He launched the guide at the end of May. At that point, it had made $2000 in presales.

He shared his struggles throughout the whole process. This included: