Pat published his first income report on Smart Passive Income in October, 2008. At that point, very few people were publishing income reports. These initially reports were about businesses separate to the Smart Passive Income brand. The focus of the first income report was a niche site titled

He got a very strong response and expanded on the content by including lessons in his posts. His business grew rapidly, and the income reports started to focus more on products that launched as a result of the Smart Passive Income brand. These included courses, books and physical products.

In December, 2017, he started getting feedback from peers and readers that his numbers weren’t as relatable anymore. It was more about the numbers and less about building the business. He realised that his time would be better spent finding different ways to serve his audience. 

He stopped publishing the reports. Instead, he shared behind-the-scenes details of specific campaigns and business functions.

In the following 10 months, he didn’t see many changes. The blog continued to grow. He shared more about the experience stopping the income reports at What REALLY Happened to My Income Reports.

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