Many indie makers are using new tools to experiment with AI image generators. This page curates my favourite products.

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Hairstyle AI

Hairstyle AI is a tool that allows you to try new hairstyles using the power of AI. The technology lets users generate different hairstyles to see which one suits them best. Works for male and female haircuts.

Avatar AI

Avatar AI is the first app to let you create your own AI-generated avatars. It uses the new latent diffusion imaging models to create a pack of 100+ avatars.

It was built by Pieter Levels.

AIGraphics is an AI graphics startup by Kyle Gawley. The tool that allows you to create beautiful, bespoke graphics in seconds. Graphics include logo inspiration,social images and YouTube thumbnails.


SceneryAI allows to edit your images with the power of AI. You can can change the subject or the scenery of your photo in less than 30 seconds. Just upload your photo and erase the parts that you want to update. Useful for content marketers, creators and digital artists.